Stallholder Application

PLEASE NOTE: Lodgement of application does NOT mean automatic acceptance as each application is assessed in consideration of the overall diversity of program content. 

Also, applications require renewing every year.  If you have not already submitted your application, please do so by filling in the stallholder application form

Stallholder Terms and Conditions


Applicants are to represent themselves and the event in a professional, safe and courteous manner and to not engage in behaviour that brings the reputation of FESTURI and the event into disrepute. 

Applicants shall comply with reasonable directives by FESTURI authorised staff. 

FESTURI authorised staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any person into the event at their sole discretion. 

No smoking or dogs (except guide dogs) are permitted within stalls or on event grounds. 

Occupational health and safety is the personal responsibility of applicants to protect their own and others’ safety. 

Applicants are responsible for providing their own shelter, power, equipment, water, utensils and any other items needed to operate their business. Please consider lighting if required. No electrical leads are provided, make sure to bring your own leads.


All Applicants must have current Public and Product Liability Insurance for $10M, a copy of which must be provided to FESTURI.  

Applicants accept responsibility for their Tax obligations, Superannuation & Work Cover.


- The allocation of an event site is at the discretion of authorised FESTURI Stallholder Coordinator. 

- Event sites are not guaranteed and this agreement is not transferable. 

- Stallholders are to ensure that their site is always attended, presentable, professional and safe and all displays are contained within the set site parameters. 

- Stallholders must leave their site in a clean state and all waste must be removed from the site. 

- Stallholders must not dispose of grey water on site or dispose of any plastic or cardboard packaging at the event. 

- Sites must be ready to trade from 10am. Bump-IN Morning Bump-OUT Evening 6pm. 

- Absences from the event must be notified to FESTURI office by 9am the day before the event. 

- Late or no advice of absences will result in full fees being charged. 

- Stallholders are required to attend their site in all weather conditions and only FESTURI Stall Co-ordinator or FESTURI President can announce a cancellation of the event should the weather conditions become unsafe. 


- Stallholders must pay their event fees by 8.30am on the day an event site is rented.  

- Payment options are by cash, cheque, credit card, eftpos, or by direct deposit to Heritage Bank BSB No 638 010 Account No 9395598.  

- All outstanding payments will be charged a $10 late fee for each market day they are late.  


- Food stalls must display a current Food Business Licence and the stall holder must have completed a food safety supervisor’s certificate course.  

- All food stalls must fully comply with food, health and safety standards and must ensure the health and safety of their customers and fellow stallholders.  

- All electrical and gas equipment must be regularly maintained and have current testing tags attached as required by law.  


- Registration to be provided.  

- Make - Model to be provided.

Food License

All food handlers must provide proof of formal qualifications in their field or attend a council course for food handling. 

General Health Requirements  

- All persons engaged in the preparation or sale of food shall:  

- Wear clean and appropriate clothing  

- Ensure they keep themselves and their work area clean  

- Long hair kept tied back  

- Ensure hands are clean, before commencing or resuming work and after visiting a sanitary convenience, smoking, handling a refuse container, handkerchief or nasal tissue  

- No smoking in any food stall, van or other place where food is to be prepared and/or sold  

- Food shall be stored at least 75cm above the ground for protection from contamination  

- All food is to be protected from contamination by dust, flies, vermin, breath or handling:  

- By display in bain-maries (where possible fitted with sliding doors), refrigerated cabinets or behind sneeze-proof shields  

- Food must be stored within a sealed cabinet, plastic film or food grade paper or plastic bags or covered with a food grade plastic film  

- Squeeze-type dispensers, in covered containers must dispense sauces and other condiments  

- Whole fruit and vegetables are exempt from this requirement  

- There is a legal requirement that food vendors must provide a food-approved thermometer, which is accurate to + or - 1C. This will enable food vendors to monitor food deliveries, production, display and storage.  


- Cooked food must be kept at a temperature above 60C until the time of sale. Bain-maries, keep running at a temperature (approximately 80C) this maintains your food at 60C.   

- Food containing meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products or potentially hazardous food must be stored at below 5C.   

- Frozen food must be stored at below -15C.   

- Meat and seafood to be kept iced down on trays or in eskies, when waiting use in the kitchen.   

- Remember: “Keep it hot or keep it cold, or don’t keep it at all.”   

- Cooked foods should be stored for no longer than 4 hours   

- Use tongs or suitable implements for the serving or cooking of foods   

- Food stalls or vans are not be used for sleeping purposes or to store bedding, clothing or animals   

- No raw timber is permitted in food preparation areas. (i.e. benches, cutting boards, wooden spoons)   

- Protection must be provided for the public against deep fryers barbecue plates and hot food displays   

- Direct heat cooking appliances must be suitably shielded   

- All food displayed must be covered from direct sunlight

Stallholder Application Form

Stallholder Fees

Stallholder Payment Options

Cheque/Money Order: 

      FESTURI – A Multicultural Celebration Inc. 

      P.O. BOX 97 

      Buderim, QLD 4560 

Direct Deposit Online: 

​      BSB: 638 010 

      A/c: 9395598 

      Reference: (Your_Full_Name)

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