Benefits of Collaborating With Festuri

Festuri is an internationally recognised charitable organisation for multicultural arts - world music and dance festivals. 

In operation since 1999, Festuri has established a solid identity on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and consequently has become a distinguished and very popular event. 

Collaborating with us for your stall or sponsorship is sure to reap many benefits for you.

FESTURI's multiple annual festivals are a unique opportunity for people from across the Sunshine Coast and Surrounds to showcase their goods and services where international music, song, dance and cuisine highlight the cultural diversity of our region.  

Sponsors receive a number of advertising benefits, as well as community association with FESTURI; local organisations and businesses; Queensland Government; Local Government; residents from SE Queensland and tourists from further abroad enjoying the holiday period.

A Popular and Engaging Festival 

FESTURI is based on the Sunshine Coast, held at local venues and gives priority to local businesses to ensure the ongoing viability and sustainability of the community.  

The overall goal of FESTURI is a FREE Multicultural Celebration which triumphs community, culture and diversity.  It is a rich, vibrant, colourful and fun Festival for both young and old alike. Bringing the whole community together to share, participate, enjoy and appreciate each country’s unique form of art through music, dance, creative art, food and friendship in a safe, family friendly environment. FESTURI helps to spread the word of social services and educational programs to all. 

Festuri in the News

Our Generous Sponsors!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our generous sponsors.  With your sponsorship, you have helped Festuri festival be possible!

We have had some incredible sponsors over the years, who we just cannot thank enough. Without their and your support, FESTURI would not have been able to grow and flourish as it has done.