Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi Institute of Spiritual Healing

Ukuthwasa even though you are called doesn’t make the journey less easy now that you have said yes to your calling! It’s a continuous growth process that challenges all of who you think you are to be reborn into who you are truly meant to become. You are always reshaped, redesigned, realigned by being umngoma! You may be called but if not chosen, hence many discard it when storms start to brew yet they always come to clear your way. Many don’t finish their process, many finish their process yet they don’t pull through afterward. The gratitude I feel deep inside me words cannot begin to express how much I am in awe at the many miracles amadlozi depicts through and through. I in my flesh I am not able yet in them all is possible my loyalty is to them always for they have my back every time. I am so proud of amakhehla that endured a stay longer than they anticipated. @aubrey.matshiqi once said we are not being delayed by COVID rather prepared for the path ahead that requires us to listen to the wisdom in which this Global pandemic is bringing our way! I am listening still, learning still, stilling myself to hear the voices of my ancestors. Let it be amplified & let their work be glorified for this is only the beginning greater things are manifesting soon!! Love & light beloved.

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