FESTURI: free, family-friendly multicultural festival and charity


FESTURI is a free, family-friendly, community-based, and multicultural festival that enables all broader Sunshine Coast residents and visitors to engage in celebrating cultural diversity. 

Our festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the Sunshine Coast and creates awareness of the many different cultural origins. 

The festival promotes the talents, interests, and cultural customs of people from (CALD) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse origins to the general public in a non- threatening way.

Who Are We?

FESTURI Volunteers in black FESTURI t-shirts
FESTURI Volunteers in red FESTURI t-shirts

About FESTURI and it's People!

"We are a group of volunteers with mixed origins; migrants of varying years, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation Australians, who all work together to bring you a free family-friendly festival every year in multiple locations across the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

We became a charitable organisation in the year 2021, and aim towards assisting more migrants in integrating into our community."

We became a charitable organisation in the year 2021, and aim towards assisting more migrants in integrating into our community.

Colourful Multicultural FESTURI members from varying origins

The Spirit that keeps Many Cultures Alive is... Celebration!

Keeping Multiculturalism Alive

FESTURI hosts several annual festivals across the Sunshine Coast and beyond, to celebrate culture in its many and varied forms. 

Migrants and immigrants see cultural festivals as an opportunity to teach their children culture and share it with the wider community. By sharing culture, we all gain more insight into people and traditions: the way people engage with life, their environment, how we interact with each other, and ultimately ourselves. The festivals also give us the opportunity to help the multicultural community address feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with immigrating to a completely new country and culture. 

By celebrating culture, people connect with each other. This encourages safety, enjoyment, and harmony within the whole community. 

Help us keep multiculturalism alive with multicultural festivals that celebrate life and culture... 

A single or regular donation to FESTURI benefits the whole community by providing multicultural entertainment, education, and insight into cultures from around the world.

Your donation is much appreciated

Join Us In Festuri's Vision..